By pursuing a passion for wellbeing and nutrition, we help our consumers and employees adopt a more balanced lifestyle. We help our clients to deliver improved employee performance and satisfaction, encouraging client retention in our business.


As a global food service company, we recognize that we have an enormous impact on what our consumers choose to eat and drink. We make a positive contribution to their diet and nutrition and we are proud of the role we play in promoting health, wellbeing and nutrition, particularly as in some of the markets where we operate, the food we provide may be the only nutritious meal eaten by our consumers that day.





In the Malaysia, we are actively supporting a government initiative called the Responsibility Deal, aimed at addressing health and wellbeing within the Malaysian population by encouraging the nation to adopt a more balanced lifestyle. We are the only food service company to have signed up to all four pledges of the scheme. As a demonstration of our commitment to the initiative, we have pledged to improve the nutritional labeling in our sites, including the introduction of calorie counts. We also continue to reduce the levels of salt and artificial trans fats in the food we serve.





Ledco Malaysia recognizes the impact that its supply of food can have on the health and nutrition of its consumers. We strive to set high standards in 'healthier eating' and will consider thoroughly aspects of diet, nutrition and lifestyle in our policy-making and procurement strategy. We will:


• Continue to source healthier options, such as low salt and low fat alternatives where appropriate, and to provide guidance on this to support our suppliers

• Ensure that nutrition based claims such as low salt meet all legislative requirements

• Provide nutritional information where available and appropriate and follow industry guidelines on the presentation of such information

• Seek to engage with key decision and policy makers and national authorities regarding new initiatives in healthy eating and comply with all legislative requirements.