Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Anything from changing a light bulb to replacing a roof. If it needs fixing, we’ll be on the case.

Our comprehensive on site maintenance solutions will have the manpower and equipment standing by, should a situation arise that needs their attention. Keeping your camp in good order is our maintenance teams first order of business.

We can also take on what we call ‘hard maintenance’. This is the maintenance of specialist equipment, such as generators and pumps. We can also maintain clients equipment in the same way.

Our maintenance essentially falls into three categories:

Preventive Maintenance

We perform periodical maintenance before damage occurs

Curative Maintenance

We perform daily monitoring and inspection of equipment

Corrective Maintenance

Maintenance carried out in the event of equipment mal-performance or damage

It’s all about asset maximisation. Maintaining your facilities is our core business and as part of that process we will maximise your assets by increasing your building and equipment life cycle. Our experience tells us that properly maintained equipment will reduce your corrective maintenance cost by some way.

Ledco Professional also has strategic partnerships with key equipment suppliers in every territory in which we operate, allowing us to get new equipment or replacement parts on site in a hurry. Our 24/7 emergency response teams are always there should you need them.

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