Adopting responsible practices across our global operations, with particular focus on four core areas (Our people, Wellbeing, Responsible sourcing and the Environment), places CR at the heart of our business practices and customer proposition.



Health and safety is our number one operational priority. A strong safety culture is important to our clients and is critical to protect the wellbeing of our colleagues and consumers. Reducing the number of incidents we have results in effective cost management through improved incident and absentee rates, with reduced cost to the business.



Each of us at Ledco Group has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and the environment by aspiring to operate a safe, injury free and healthy workplace serving food that is always safe to eat and to minimize our impact on the environment.




Over the past year, we have made good progress against our CR commitments with additional focus on: supply chain assurance; reporting on environmental performance and employee diversity; and human rights. Environmental progress





Our people are instrumental to our success; we respect and value the individuality and diversity that every employee brings to the business. We base our relationship with our employees on respect for the dignity of the individual and seek to create a positive, open working environment wherever we operate. As at 30 September 2013, 225,728 of our global workforce of 506,699 employees were male and 280,971 female. Of these, 723 were senior managers (541 male, 182 female), which include members of our global leadership team and individuals who are statutory directors of the corporate entities whose financial information is included in the Group’s 2013 consolidated accounts.