Having a responsible supply chain is important for us to deliver the quality of food service that is a key business driver for Ledco. As a result of our actions, we are able to build the confidence of our clients and consumers, reduce potential risks and develop sustainable relationships.


Our aim is to set industry leading standards that set the benchmark on performance regarding purchasing and supply chain practices, providing our customers with the assurance that we are constantly striving to achieve the highest possible standards.




The provenance and origin of the food we purchase is a key consideration for us. We require that food is purchased only from authorised suppliers and we work closely with our supply partners to ensure that they meet our required supply chain standards.





LEDCO is committed to ensuring that all our dealings with suppliers from the point of search and selection, through to supply and payment are conducted in accordance with our guiding principles of responsible and ethical trading. Our criteria include:


employment is freely chosen

freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected

working conditions are safe and hygienic

child labour shall not be used

living wages are paid

working hours are not excessive

no discrimination is practiced

regular employment is provided

no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed


We monitor supplier practices to ensure that our suppliers (and their suppliers) adhere to the above criteria.